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Free Shipping | Lowest Prices Guaranteed | HSA/FSA Approved
Free Shipping | Lowest Prices Guaranteed | HSA/FSA Approved
FSA & HSA Eligible Mobility Products

FSA & HSA Eligible Mobility Products

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) can aid in covering healthcare costs and mobility equipment expenses that would otherwise require direct payment. Contributions to HSAs and FSAs are deducted from your salary and are exempt from federal income tax and payroll taxes. The 2022 limit for FSA accounts dedicated to medical expenses is $2,850.

Senior Mobility Pros offers a range of mobility products eligible for FSA/HSA payments. You can utilize your FSA or HSA card to make purchases. If you don't have one, standard credit or debit cards can be used, with subsequent reimbursement through your plan administrator.

For specific product eligibility, it's crucial to verify with your employer or healthcare provider, even if it's listed as FSA/HSA eligible on Senior Mobility Pros. Senior Mobility Pros is available to provide quotes, product details, and any necessary information for your plan. You (or the plan holder) are responsible for submitting required paperwork to your provider.

If additional product information is needed for confirmation, contact on of our Sales Specialists. Not all our mobility devices and accessories are FSA eligible. All FSA-eligible products can also be purchased using an HSA card. If a product surpasses the funds in your FSA/HSA account, contact us, and our sales team can assist in splitting the payment.

FSA funds generally have to be utilized by the end of the plan year, though employers may offer a grace period of two-and-a-half months. Confirm with your employer or plan administrator for specific deadlines.

HSAs have higher overall limits than FSAs and unspent funds roll over at the year's end, making them a more flexible option. However, they require enrollment in a High-Deductible Health Plan, which may not suit everyone.

The FSA limit for 2021 was $2,850, an increase from $2,750 in the previous year.

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