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Shoprider 6Runner 10 Power Chair

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 The Shoprider 6Runner 10 Power Chair! 

Experience the ultimate blend of mobility and comfort with the cutting-edge Shoprider 6Runner 10 Power Chair

Discover Unparalleled Maneuverability: Our innovative mid-wheel drive system empowers you to navigate tight spaces with confidence. Say goodbye to awkward turns and embrace the freedom to effortlessly glide through doorways and around obstacles. 

Unmatched Stability: Trust in the six points of contact with the ground as you cruise through your day. Conquer various terrains with added assurance, knowing that your Shoprider 6Runner 10 maintains stability like no other power chair. 

Easy-Breezy Battery Access: No more hassle when it's time for a recharge! With Shoprider's convenient battery access, you can swiftly power up your chair and get back to exploring the world around you. 

Recline in Comfort: Elevate your comfort level with the plush and ergonomic design of our reclining seat. Whether you're out for a short spin or an extended adventure, your relaxation is our priority. 

Up to 300 lb. Weight Capacity: Feel empowered and supported by a power chair that understands your needs. With a robust weight capacity, the 6Runner 10 is ready to accompany you on every journey, no matter your size. 

Range Up to 10 Miles: Explore farther and wider with the impressive 10-mile range. Unleash your wanderlust and confidently set out on adventures, knowing that your power chair won't hold you back. 

Don't miss your chance to upgrade your mobility experience with the Shoprider 6Runner 10 Power Chair. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have embraced the fusion of technology, stability, and comfort. 


Embark on a new era of mobility – order your Shoprider 6Runner 10 today and set yourself free to roam! 


  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
  • Width 23”
  • Length 42”
  • Unit Weight 191 lbs.
  • Max Speed 5 mph
  • Ground Clearance 3”
  • Safe Climbing Angle 6º | 10% Front |
  • Rear Wheels 7”
  • Solid | 7”
  • Solid Drive Wheel 10”
  • Solid Suspension type Limited
  • Battery Options U1
  • Battery Weights 21.3 lbs. x 2
  • Range Up To 10 miles
  • Charger 5A
  • Off-board STFH 21.5” - 23.5”

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