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 Introducing the Shoprider Streamer Sport Power Chair: Where Power Meets Premium Comfort! 

Step into a world where strength, versatility, and utmost comfort converge. The Shoprider Streamer Sport Power Chair, a beacon of mobility excellence, promises to elevate every journey you embark upon, ensuring it's both smooth and memorable.

 Spotlighting the Streamer Sport's Premium Features:

Powerful Build - 300lb Weight Capacity: Crafted for resilience, our power chair accommodates a wide range of riders, making it a true testament to strength and inclusivity.

Agile & Smooth - Rear-Wheel Drive Maneuverability: Navigate tight corners, crowded spaces, or open areas with unmatched ease and precision. Every turn becomes a breeze!

Custom Comfort Elements:

  • Height & Width Adjustable Arm Rests:  Personalize your seating stance for those longer journeys or short rides around town.
  • Adjustable Angle Footplate:  Ensure your feet rest at just the right angle for optimal comfort, be it relaxed or attentive.
  • Luxe 19in. Captain's Seat:  Dive into a world of luxury with a seat designed for royalty, ensuring every trip feels first-class.
    Extended Adventures Await - 10-mile Battery Range: Fuel your wanderlust and explore your surroundings with confidence, knowing that the Streamer Sport’s battery is built to last.

Rediscover Freedom:
The Shoprider Streamer Sport is more than just a power chair—it's a ticket to freedom, empowering you to traverse your world without constraints.

Join the Future with the Shoprider Streamer Sport Power Chair!
It’s not just about moving; it’s about moving with style, comfort, and power. Experience the difference with the Streamer Sport.


Unleash unparalleled mobility. Your world, reimagined. 


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    Customer Reviews

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    Yasmin T.
    Great chair and customer service!

    We bought this chair for our grandmother she is 99 and lives alone across the woods from us. She had it for three days and it stopped working we did not know but she accidentally locked the joy stick. Called and customer service got right on it and had our grandmother up and going in just a few minutes thanks very much guys! Definitely a great buy for us i highly recommend them!

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